AssangeScreenshot Interview mit Assange

Sönke Paulsen, Gedächtnisbüro Berlin

Psychotherapists know the term „empowerment“. It means to bring people into responsibility for their own lives. But in my opinion it could also mean, to bring people into responsibility for society.

Some people are empowering many people by information, especially this kind of information which is restricted by the powerful. Julian Assange is the person of the year 2016, because he broke this restriction with a huge success. He was briefing the American voters with the information they needed to understand, that there was a big campaign of the global elites favoring the female Hawk of the Democrats, Hilary Clinton.

The American voters understood, that they had to vote against. Assange did, what he had to do und once said this, in a long discussion with Eric Schmidt. After some hours he said, that, if people are told the truth, they will always vote for peace.

It is the way, Assange leads people to their own empowerment.

For his own personal situation Assange is really powerless. He is still locked in a small room in the center of London. His mother is afraid, that he will not survive this torture.

How can we help him?

I don’t know.

But I pray for him, each year at the same time, when Jesus Christ was born. Also such a guy, who gave “empowerment” to the people and was hated for this by the powerful.

Merry Christmas Mr. Assange!