Sönke Paulsen, Gedächtnisbüro Berlin

This seems to be the description of our political elites as well. Organized in transatlantic networks, strongly depending from each other and never willing to see in democracy more than a technical term how to stay powerful.

It is the description of neoconservativism and neoliberalism as well. This means, how to control the plurality by pluralism. Suddenly the answer for the extreme social unbalances of America and Europe, is protection of minorities.

The cry for justice of the bottom class is answered with legal marriage of homosexuals and a female US-Presidency. This means, that there is no answer for the simple people with low income in the world of globalization. Our democracies are much to corrupt to give answers for the basic questions of social justice.

The Clintons are protagonists of this kind of policy against simple people, against the bottom class. They are progressive, but they are not social.

The loss of credibility and relevancy of our democracies in respect to social justice, the loss of belief of our bottom class helps the uprising autocratic systems in the east, to gain credibility. It helps the populists all over Europe and the Russian world to win elections, to mobilize simple people, even to mobilize the plurality, while fighting against plurality of opinions.

If the left-wing-parties in Europe and America can´t mobilize their supporters for a strong opposition against neoliberalism and neoconservativism, the opposition will come from the extreme right-wing populists all over the world.

Looks like this!